Leading effectively – leadership-coaching

Increasing demands in all areas of cooperation of human are moving one particular activity in the foreground: effectively leading staff working within organizations and beyond, as well as cooperation within teams.

When cooperating with other individuals, how do you assure that really happens what is necessary for you and your organization, producing the desired effect? How do you lead effectively? As an experienced practitioner with a solid theoretical background, I offer leadership-coaching, support, troubleshooting and development ideas for all environments to unlock the great potential hidden everywhere.

Fuehrungskraefte-Coaching, Executive-Coaching, VIP-Coaching, Führungskräfte-Entwicklung, FKE, Leadership-CoachingLeading staff effectively
With leadership-coaching you develop your leadership skills and transfer these skills into your daily leadership practice. Example topics are effective delegation, appraisal interviews, succession planning and development, general communication and negotiation skills, conflict management, strategic thinking and planning as well as transferring your strategy operatively.

Leadership-coaching is a perfectly individual kind of development measure. You may step in from any level, be it as a junior executive, CEO or entrepreneur, and with any subject. You determine your personal programme and you will benefit from my leadership experience at all levels. Together we work towards your personal success and that of your area of responsibility.

Coaching, Verhaltens-Coaching, Leadership-Coaching, PersönlichkeitscoachingCooperation within organisations
As a manager you have to take care not only of your ‘own’ staff. There are other executives hierarchically under, beside and above yourself. As an executive manager, a management or supervisory board member, you have to cooperate with or within critical supervisory bodies and idiosyncratic owners. Each of these groups has its own interests and provides specific challenges for you.

In leadership coaching we are focusing on each specific issue, be it on technical or organisational matters, or on issues related to a particular person. As a Certified Supervisory Expert (CSE) I am familiar with the perspective of supervisory boards, too. Opportunities for optimisation can be found everywhere – and probably more than you would dare to think of.

Coaching, führen in Netzwerken, lateral führen, hierarchiefrei führenCollaboration across organisations
Successful Leading within Networks - Shaping CommunitiesNetworking between companies, public agencies, NPOs and NGOs as well as freelance specialists imposes demands far beyond those of hierarchical leadership. How do you get people not belonging to your organisational unit to pursue work according to your intentions and towards your goals? In leadership coaching we may deal with this challenging situations explicitely. Unlocking this hidden potential will surprise you.

My book “Successful Leading within Networks – Shaping Communities” (in German) summarises extensive know-how in this specialist area of non-hierarchcal leadership. Concluding from its reader’s reactions it has found very positive acceptance

Team-Coaching, TE, Teamentwicklung, Team-Building, Teambildung, thematisch, WorkshopThematic Team Development
Teamentwicklung - Teambuilding - TeambildungTeams are essential in project work of modern organisations. Specialists often work in parallel in several teams whose compositions adapt dynamically over the course of the project. Permanent change is everyday for team members. Thematic team development quickly tunes existing teams to changing thematic environments and brings newly composed teams on line with operational and thematic requirements. From my perspective, team development is just a very special form of leadership-coaching. In a 1- to 3-day workshop you, together with your team, will work with me on all challenges you consider relevant for your future success.

The special feature of my approach: I carefully clarify in advance with you and a few other key staff members which critical issues and challenges might arise – be they related to project topics or boundary conditions. According to these requirements, I design a unique team development workshop in which we focus on team performance in the previously found critical areas. You and your team members will feel the push, induced by this process, running through the entire team.

We find out during the very first phone call how we make your leadership-coaching a full success for you. Just call. You can only win.

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