Career-coaching: go ahead in your job, in your business!

You know already where you want go in your career – but don’t know, how? Or do you need orientation first, to find out your goals in career or business? From both starting points my Career-Coaching offers methodically sound, proven, goal-oriented and therefore effective support.

Stärken entwickeln, Persönlichkeitscoaching, CoachingCareer-Coaching towards your goals
Whether you are employee or self-employed – time and again it happens that on an initially successful path obstacles appear: Competitors have their inner qualities, too, and are therefore unexpectedly successful; bosses, key customers or market developments turn out to be obstacles that can not be easily taken in passing; after returning from maternity or paternity leave, the former environment seems to have changed completely; or you discover traits in your own behaviour that should better be changed or developed in order to positively contribute to your professional success.

All this and much more should be considered as challenges on which we will work together most effectively in career-coaching. Turning challenge into potential always pays off once you unlock it!

Stärken entwickeln, Persönlichkeitscoaching, CoachingProfessional Orientation*)

The variety of vocational options and the often very stringent requirements to put them into effect don’t make it easier to figure out individually tailored vocational fields. Paradoxically, the variety of available training and study branches increases this difficulty: More and more often the seeming lack of fit between professional education and the requirements of a particular opening leads to agonizing self-doubt and uncertainty.

Fortunately, I can bridge this gap by my specially developed professional orientation programme. In just three sessions we develop a best-fitting activity profile for you. You may use that profile to start confidently finding a new job, or new business opportunities for self-employment.

Bewerbungscoaching - Job-Coachingprofessionelle, Berufsorientierung, Karriere-Coaching, Bewerbung, Bewerbungs-Coaching, Job-Coach, Job-Coaching, JobsucheApplication Coaching*)
It is often useful, sometimes necessary to take a new way to the top; following the successful career orientation that is most often the logical next step. Application coaching gets you to work out a focused strategy for achieving the job you know to be the right one – as well as a compelling application package.

Seize your opportunities and jump-start the process – it will equip you with the right know-how to independently submit individual applications for any job target. And with full support in case you should have to decide among several offers – those things happen with my Career-Coaching (as an example, see case study ‘Berufsentscheidung mittels Tetralemma-Aufstellung‘, in German).

Stärken entwickeln, Persönlichkeitscoaching, CoachingOn-Boarding Coaching*)
Karriere-Coaching & Übergangscoaching / On-BoardingYou’ve done it – the career advancement in your organization, the successful application for a useful and interesting new challenge. Now comes the last step in career-coaching: The time before and at least 100 days after a job-change presents new challenges. With my on-boarding coaching you’ll set the direction, form and pace of transition yourself. And so the next professional goals move closer faster than you ever thought before.

Stärken entwickeln, Persönlichkeitscoaching, CoachingBusiness Model Development
Career-coaching has many faces: Comparable to the process of application coaching I support the development of a viable business model for aspiring self-employed entrepreneurs and the adaptation of an existing model to new conditions as a consulting service. Together we work down to any required level of detail and scan through your options – and pretty likely we will create new ones, too.

Due to the range of possible initial conditions and outcomes, a package solution is not available in that case. Nevertheless, please, do call immediately. Together we find you a way which takes you to entrepreneurial success based on an affordable investment.

Already in a first phone conversation we find out, which kind of Career-Coaching is best for your career, for your business – please call as soon as possible!
*) For this service, I offer a package deal – please contact me to ask for my folder Berufsorientierung / Bewerbungscoaching / On-Boarding.

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