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How to get started? How do you quickly and durably find the way to the top, for yourself, your team, your business? Chose an individual approach – choose the coaching that fits your needs.

coaching services by Dr. Leopold FaltinLet be your personal coach. Experienced, sensitive and discrete. Systemic coaching with taps into your own resources. Gain new confidence and trust in the future – for a fuller enjoyment of work and life.

executive-coaching, leadership-coaching, entrepreneur-coaching, individual workshopThe first want to be the best. With executive coaching you can demonstrate that you are truly worthy of being at the top. A top-service for top-performers.

business-coaching, leadership-coaching, supervisionThe best will be the first. With business coaching, leadership coaching, and career coaching – always carried out as an individual one-on-one coaching. Then deepen and consolidate your gains with an individual training session.

team-coaching, team-development, facilitatingYour team first! Try team coaching, group coaching or project coaching. Effective team development in individual workshops that are fun and to the point. You’ll experience harmonious teamwork from start to finish.

life coaching, counsellingLive the life you want to live. Life coaching is one-on-one coaching focusing on private themes and issues. Learn to fully enjoy life – the way you’d like it.

diversity coaching, productive ageing, diversity managementMake the difference. Diversity coaching fosters a positive approach to different people, outlooks and opinions. Let variety play a positive role in your life and in your job, right through to effective diversity management in your company.

Coachings happen most effectively in a one-on-one setting. If this is not possible, sessions may be held via Skype or phone. Coaching exchange via e-mail takes much more time and is therefore more costly. Contact for further details, please. adapts all services to suit your personal needs. Discover how to bring more color into your life, your job, your organization – right now.

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