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    This website shows how you will profit from that. Leo Faltin, meincoach.at, Vienna.


How do you find the fastest, most sustainable way to the top – for yourself, your team, your business? Get leadership-coaching with meincoach.at that fits your individual needs and makes it possible.


Whether you want to go ahead in your career directly or you need sound professional orientation first – from both starting points meincoach.at offers effective career-coaching support.

Better & Better

Expectations are rising everywhere.  Continuous improvement in performance and quality is required to keep an competitive edge. Coaching by meincoach.at is the tool – look how it can be done!

Coach & Consultant

Leo Faltin is a Senior Coach and Business Consultant with over three decades experience as a manager, scientist, coach and scientific consultant in industry and R&D. Find out more about him and meincoach.at.